Overuse of hot styling tools, frequent dyeing, and tied-tight hair – all of these can make our strands weaker and damaged. Usually, we aren’t even aware of the fact that all the treatments which hair’s exposed to don’t necessarily contribute to improving condition of our strands. Naturally, we do our best to regain control over our unruly hair and combat this difficult situation to make our hair look healthy and better nourished again. Unfortunately, it happens that due to our unintentional action, the final effect we obtain is far from the one we wanted to achieve. It’s also common that we don’t know which practice is good for our hair, and which treatments should have never been applied to our strands. Certainly, all the rules and pieces of advice concerning hair care make us confused. No worries! There’s a way enabling us to buy our way out of it!

Do you dream about having beautiful hair? The truth is, you are not the only one. Great majority of women would really appreciate having outstanding hair, however effective hair care requires persistence, self-denial, time and knowledge. Crucial are also products that are used for the treatments. Indeed, shampoo is a basic tool which, despite its cleansing action, influences the level of nourishment of strands and scalp. For that reason, it is worth spending some time on choosing the best hair and scalp washing products. The bitter truth is that a shampoo itself is not enough since it doesn’t provide deep moisture nor supplies hair fibres with essential nourishing substances. What should a shampoo be complemented with? Simply a decent hair conditioner and a well-tried hair serum of intensive action will do the job. And these are hair serums that we’re going to focus on today.

What instead of hair serum?

Definitely, serum isn’t an irreplaceable cosmetic. Natural hair oils can be considered as an alternative to conditioners, masks, styling products, balms and to hair serums themselves. Moreover, hair oils can be applied in many ways, they are more effective and, definitely, they answer our needs way better than regular cosmetics. What’s important, they contain essential for hair fatty acids and phytosterols, which can’t be find in any hair serum.

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By the way, why it is worth buying a hair serum after all? Firstly, a hair conditioner, even the top-shelf one, doesn’t provide such diversified action as a concentrated serum does. According to many experts, a serum should be applied on day-to-day basis since, thanks to rich composition, it’s able to offer more. Alike other hair beautifying products, hair serums can and should be selected accordingly to a hair type, its condition, the problem hair is exposed to and even with keeping in mind the effect we would like to obtain. The greatest difference between both cosmetics is the manner of their action. To clarify, a hair conditioner works only on the surface of hair and its action is rather short-lived. On the other hand, a hair serum provides deep care and long-lasting results. And this very fact should encourage you to get acquainted with the ranking of serums and pick the most suitable product that will satisfy needs of your strands and scalp.

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask - the best serum/mask for damaged hair

What’s the price? £12

What’s the capacity? 300 ml

Where can it be bought? on the official web page [www.nanoil.us]

About the product:


Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask offers a unique selection of excellent ingredients. This is a mask formulated with highly saturated hair regenerating substances. The key... More information »

Keratin Cure – Shine & Cure Serum, Silicone Drops

What’s the price? $28
What’s the capacity? 120 ml
Where can it be bought? Amazon, eBay, official website

About the product:


Keratin Cure Shine & Cure is a hair serum which action is based on silicones. The product’s enriched with E vitamin. As it can be read on the official website, the... More information »

Kérastase Resistance - Serum Thérapiste, Dual Care Treatment

What’s the price? $44
What’s the capacity? 2×15 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, professional beauty salons

About the product:


Hair serum Resistance Thérapiste is highly effective thanks to two unique technologies included into its composition: Fibra-Kap and Sève de Résurrection, which is an extract of rose of Jericho. Fibra-Kap... More information »

Goldwell - Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Smooth/Shape Medium/Intense

What’s the price? $110
What’s the capacity? 500 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, professional beauty salons

About the product:


Goldwell Kerasilk serum’s action is based on KeraShape technology, which contains, among others, glyoxylic acid combined with smoothing substances (keratin, silk proteins). Unfortunately, the producer doesn’t want to provide the... More information »

J. F. Lazartigue – Dry & Delicate Hair Soy Milk Strengthening Serum

What’s the price? $70
What’s the capacity? 30 ml
Where can it be bought? eBay, Amazon, online stores, official webpage

About the product:


Composition of the cosmetic is simple. As the name speaks for itself, hair-straightening serum by J. F. Lazartigue concentrates its action around soymilk that is rich in nourishing substances.... More information »

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur - Sérum - Ultimate OIL Elixir

What’s the price? $15
What’s the capacity? 100 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, regular drugstores

About the product:


This oil elixir by Schwarzkopf’s composed of, among others, vegetable oils. What’s interesting though, the very substances’re arranged somewhere in the middle of the list of ingredients. In fact, they’re preceded... More information »

Ojon – Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy

What’s the price? $15, $35
What’s the capacity? 15 ml, 45 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, regular drugstores

About the product:


Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy is characterized by rich composition, which is made mainly from natural oils. This three-phase serum is composed of the following ingredients: jojoba oil,... More information »