Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur – Sérum – Ultimate OIL Elixir

What’s the price? $15
What’s the capacity? 100 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, regular drugstores

About the product:


This oil elixir by Schwarzkopf’s composed of, among others, vegetable oils. What’s interesting though, the very substances’re arranged somewhere in the middle of the list of ingredients. In fact, they’re preceded with denatured alcohol, silicones and UV filter. What’s more, the cosmetic’s enriched with keratin too. In general, the composition of a product that’s supposed to have oily formula seems to be not well-thought-out. What’s more, the producer claims that particles of gold are included into the composition. Obviously, this is not the real chemical element, yet only the particles that are supposed to make hair sparkle.

ACTION [8/10]

Schwarzkopf hair serum is a way to obtain nourished and strengthened strands. Formula including nourishing elixir and sparkling particles is designed for damaged and dehydrated hair with the tendency to breaking. Due to systematic use of the product, strands restore their former condition. What’s more, the serum lowers hair brittleness and improves combability. Innovative composition of Ultimate Oil Elixir influences rebuilding processes of hair structure makes strands smooth. The truth is, action of the elixir is visible the most, if the treatment is complemented with a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask from the very series.

TEXTURE [3/10]

Ultimate Oil Elixir serum is a liquid cosmetic which is supposed to be sprayed all over the hair. It’s crucial though, to apply only small amount of the cosmetic (a few pumps are enough) since greater amounts of the product might weight hair down, leaving scalp greasy. When it comes to the particles, these aren’t so noticeable on hair as the sparkling effect isn’t that obvious. The aroma of the cosmetic doesn’t stay on hair long.


Before each and every application, the bottle has to be shaken to put the gold particles into motion (they gather on the bottom of the bottle). Basically, application isn’t difficult at all since all that has to be done is spraying hair with the product. In fact, hair can be damp or dry because Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur – Sérum – Ultimate OIL Elixir doesn’t have to be rinsed off afterwards. When it comes to the applicator itself, it distributes even dosages of the cosmetic.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur is easy accessible. Depending on preferences, one can buy the product in regular drugstores or on the Internet.

PRICE [10/10]

In comparison to other similar products, Ultimate Oil Elixir Serum has rather low price. If lucky enough, one can find the product at lower price on the Internet than in a regular drugstore.