J. F. Lazartigue – Dry & Delicate Hair Soy Milk Strengthening Serum

What’s the price? $70
What’s the capacity? 30 ml
Where can it be bought? eBay, Amazon, online stores, official webpage

About the product:


Composition of the cosmetic is simple. As the name speaks for itself, hair-straightening serum by J. F. Lazartigue concentrates its action around soymilk that is rich in nourishing substances. The product also contains natural soy oil which constitutes natural source of F vitamin.

ACTION [9/10]

Presence of soymilk in J. F. Lazartigue Strengthening Serum provides deep nourishment of hair, which remains soft, elastic and shiny for 24 hours. Soy oil in turn helps with closing hair cuticles. Moreover, the serum can be used for finish because it provides protection (especially for prone to damages hair ends) as it has moistening and conditioning features.

TEXTURE [10/10]

Hair serum composed by J. F. Lazartigue is a runny formula of almost transparent consistency. It coats hair with a delicate mist which provides nourishment and protection form aggressive external factors. What is more, the cosmetic has very pleasant aroma which holds on hair long. The serum neither makes hair flat nor contributes to excessive sebum production.


Dry & Delicate Hair Soy Milk Strengthening Serum can be applied at will. However, it is suggested putting the product on hair ends, right after shampooing and drying. In this way, hair’s expected to become regenerated. When it comes to frequency of use, there are no precise directions defining how many times Dry & Delicate Hair Soy Milk Strengthening Serum should be used. Basically, the cosmetic by J. F. Lazartigue can be put on accordingly to one’s liking and needs. Owning to the spray applicator, the cosmetic’s easy to distribute over hair.


The product can be bought in most online shops and on the webpage of the producer. It can be rather hard to find Dry & Delicate Hair Soy Milk Strengthening Serum in regular drugstores.

PRICE [9/10]

Taking into consideration the fact that the product’s fairly efficient and its action produces looked-for outcomes, its price shouldn’t be considered as high.