Replace your hair serum with Nanoil Castor Oil. It’s worth it!

Nanoil Castor Oil

Castor oil was underrated for long years. Thankfully, it has made a comeback recently. This marvelous oil sparks faster hair growth, thickens the tresses and prevents hair loss. What’s more, it does it better than advanced hair serums! See other benefits that the natural castor oil from Nanoil can give you.

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean – a plant that many people have in their gardens. This is one of the cheapest oils and it’s used for treating stomach problems. Surprisingly, it turns out to have more interesting properties when we use it to enhance the beauty. All the more so when we reach out for the Nanoil Castor Oil. What makes it unusual?

Natural castor oil by Nanoil

The success of Nanoil flows from making products with attention to detail. Cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil is one of the fruits of the brand’s engagement and desire to provide consumers with the best beauty products. This oil is very popular among hair-care junkies hoping for faster hair growth but it has more uses. The Nanoil Castor Oil makes a perfect product for clarifying the acne skin, repairing damaged nails as well as thickening the eyelashes.

The high quality is what makes this very oil stand out against others. This is 100% certified organic castor oil. The formula is made up of just one substance: the finest castor bean oil holding the Ecocert mark. So, if you decide to use castor oil for beauty purposes – to enhance the hair or skin – you should definitely choose the best one, from the brand that is known for offering professional beauty solutions.

Can a natural oil be better than a hair serum?

The quality of the Nanoil products makes the “ordinary” castor oil act as a powerful enhancer that turns your hair care around. The Nanoil Castor Oil has a very similar effect to a hair serum – you rub it into the scalp or hair ends to provide intensive nourishment, repair, strengthening and protection. It is all done naturally, without parabens, silicones or substances that are common in products such as hair serums (hair end serums in particular). A couple of weeks are enough to see that the Nanoil Castor Oil is able to solve all problems that hair serum fixes or works even better.

Nanoil - Castor Oil

Properties of Nanoil Castor Oil

What does the Nanoil Castor Oil actually do? This depends on the way of using it. There are plenty of possibilities you can try.

Use the oil on the scalp to strengthen and thicken the tresses or on the ends to secure them against splitting. If you use the Nanoil Castor Oil for the hair oil treatment or mask, you can slightly darken the hair color and enhance the gloss. Applied to the nails, this oil hardens the plates and increases shine while used on the eyelashes, it makes them thicker and accelerates growth. As far as face care goes, use it for oil cleansing method to reduce acne breakouts and oily T-zone.

If you apply the Nanoil Castor Oil quite regularly:

  • it strengthens the hair follicles and prevents the hair from falling out in excess.
  • it stimulates faster hair growth, making the tresses longer and thicker.
  • it sparks faster lash growth and thickens the brows.
  • it reduces the acne breakouts and comedones.
  • it clears the face of oil buildup and detoxifies.
  • it restores the healthy radiance and pH balance.

Where to buy the Nanoil Castor Oil?

Hands down, we all should have this natural beauty product at home. If we desire to make the hair lovely and healthy again, the Nanoil Castor Oil seems to make an ideal alternative to pricey serums, ampules or scalp treatments. This budget-friendly solution to hair and skin problems is available at – this is the Nanoil official site where you can get discounts (e.g. free delivery) when you order more products.