Goldwell – Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Smooth/Shape Medium/Intense

What’s the price? $110
What’s the capacity? 500 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, professional beauty salons

About the product:


Goldwell Kerasilk serum’s action is based on KeraShape technology, which contains, among others, glyoxylic acid combined with smoothing substances (keratin, silk proteins). Unfortunately, the producer doesn’t want to provide the clients with more detailed information about the composition, which can be perceived as a great drawback of the cosmetic.

ACTION [10/10]

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is a serum designed for problematic hair, unmanageable, tangled, curled and exceptionally unruly. The product is expected to provide long-lasting smoothness, softness and strengthening, which can be compared with keratin treatment done at a hairdresser’s. What is more, the producer guarantees obtaining looked-for results within five months since the very first application of this two-ingredient hair serum. The great advantage to mention, the cosmetic makes combing easier. Setting hair becomes trouble-free too. Thanks to this, period of time devoted to hair setting is definitely shorter.

TEXTURE [8/10]

There’re four cosmetics from Keratin Treatment series. Proper combination of the products generates desired outcomes. The formula was designed in such a way to create four blends for hair that is:

– difficult to set and strongly curly (Keratin Shape Intense + Keratin Smooth Medium),
– difficult to set and wavy (Keratin Shape Medium + Keratin Smooth Medium),
– mussed up and strongly curly (Keratin Shape Intense + Keratin Smooth Intense),
– mussed up and wavy (Keratin Shape Medium + Keratin Smooth Intense).


As it’s typical for products of permanent action, application of Goldwell serum is time-consuming and has to be divided into stages. The first stage’s devoted to putting on appropriate blend of Keratin Treatment on shampooed and dried hair. The product should be put on neck first and then distributed upwards reaching the tip of a head. What is crucial, the cosmetic shouldn’t be applied directly on scalp yet very closely to it. During the second stage, the serum has to be given time to become absorbed by hair. After a quarter, we can move on to the third stage, which is blow-drying (air stream has to be set at medium). Next to last stage, which is one of the most important, is about precise straightening of strands. 180-230 degrees is a temperature a flat iron has to be set. The temperature varies accordingly to the level of hair damage. Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment finishes when hair’s shampooed.


Goldwell serum can be bought in Goldwell stores as well as in some online shops.

PRICE [5/10]

Almost 100 pounds for a half of litre of hair straightening treatment can be perceived as a rather costly product. Nevertheless, while taking into consideration treatment’s effectiveness and its long-lasting effects, Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment may be worth its price.