Ojon – Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy

What’s the price? $15, $35
What’s the capacity? 15 ml, 45 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, regular drugstores

About the product:


Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy is characterized by rich composition, which is made mainly from natural oils. This three-phase serum is composed of the following ingredients: jojoba oil, castor oil, palm tree oil, kukui oil (originated from Hawaii), babassu oil, buriti fruit oil, grapeseed oil, watermelon oil, marula oil, ximenia oil, coconut oil, coca butter, aloe leaf extract, witch hazel extract, Tahitian Gardenia extract, wheat proteins, soy proteins, corn proteins, arginine, caffeine, jasmine blossom wax, citrus seed oil, orange oil, bergamot oil as well as other essential oils and active substances.

ACTION [8/10]

Ojon serum is a blend of many benefits. Most of all, its main mission is to soften and smooth strands, which have tendency to get static, are dehydrated and are difficult to tame. What’s more, the cosmetic nourishes hair and protects it, focusing mainly on the ends. Actually, hair treated with Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy becomes silky smooth and shiny almost immediately after use. The product can be applied as a serum facilitating hair setting. It is worth pointing out that the oils shouldn’t be applied on greasy hair since this state might become even run-down.

TEXTURE [9/10]

The producers were inspired by traditional methods of oil hair treatments cultivated in regions of Kalahari Desert, African tropics of Tahiti and remote tropical forests of Central America. This legendary power of hair healing was transformed into three-phase hair serum. The cosmetic has unique colouring and its consistency is light and liquid. Its aroma can be described as pleasant, even for sensitive noses.


Ojon hair serum’s a liquid product that’s made of three phases. Before each application, it’s necessary to shake the bottle to make all the phases mix. Such a blend of different oils has to be warmed up in hands and then applied to hair. The outcomes we obtain can be various. To demonstrate, if applied to damp hair, Oil Moisture Therapy by Ojon provides heat protection. On the other hand, dry strands are gifted with shine if coated with Ojon serum. Only a few drops are enough to cover all hair evenly.


Original Ojon, Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy can be bought online. There’re also a few regular shops that have in their offer the oil.

PRICE [10/10]

Taking into consideration that Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy is a cosmetic of exceptionally rich composition and plenty of features, the price of it’s fully justified.