How to correctly use hair serum?

Hair serum is one of the most often used conditioning cosmetics. It consists of much more nourishing ingredients than conditioners and hair masks. It has much better restoration, regenerative, strengthening and nourishing properties. It improves general condition of scalp and hair. In what should we use hair serum?

How often do we use serum depends only on individual predispositions. Applications should be continued till they bring desirable results. There are many more factors, which influence frequency of hair care treatments. We can enumerate the following among many: type of scalp, hair porosity, foregoing hair care and level of damage. Repetitiveness of applications depends on how hair are liable to damages. If streaks are very damaged, then you need to focus more carefully on their conditioning. Healthy and glossy hair need hair treatment just once in a while.

The amount of applied serum also depends on few factors. Dosage should be matched with length and volume of the hair, but also with how damaged are hair and how irritated is scalp. There is a rule according hair serums, but also other hairdresser’s products that for nourishment of medium-length hair we need amount close to size of walnut. A lot depends on hair porosity, because it is widely known that high porosity hair absorb applied substances much faster and low porosity hair do it much slower. During application remember to not weight down hair or make scalp greasy.

Hair serum can be applied on damp and dry hair. This aspect of application also depends on enumerated above factors. Besides, most girls prefer application of cosmetic on clean, just washed hair. Why? Because this way combing is much easier, streaks are protected against hot temperatures and we are certain that our hair will be nourished and glossy. Of course, those of you who prefer application on dry hair, also chose good method of conditioning, because hair serum prevents electrifying and frizzing and helps in maintaining even wild streaks.

On which part of hair (ends or entire length) will we apply serum, depends on us. If our hair need immediate regeneration, we should apply cosmetic on the entire length, starting on the ear length. In everyday hair care we can nourish ends only, and every week – entire hair. It is important to avoid application directly on the scalp – we don’t want our hair to be greasy, don’t we.