Keratin Cure – Shine & Cure Serum, Silicone Drops

What’s the price? $28
What’s the capacity? 120 ml
Where can it be bought? Amazon, eBay, official website

About the product:


Keratin Cure Shine & Cure is a hair serum which action is based on silicones. The product’s enriched with E vitamin. As it can be read on the official website, the producer suggest mixing the serum with other oils before applying it to hair. What is more, the manufacturer leaves clients’ questions concerning the complete composition of the product unanswered. Therefore, little is known about active substances that the product is composed of.

ACTION [9/10]

The composition made of silicones creates a thin hydrophobic coat around hair. This in turn lowers porosity of hair, limits water loss, and helps strands become smooth. Even the most tangled strands are easy to comb, as the problem of setting is no longer present. Keratin Cure – Shine & Cure Serum Silicone Drops works perfect for taming curly strands by bestowing healthy shine and smoothness upon them. At the same time, the product is able to prevent hair from damaging action of hot temperature. Additionally, the product can be also used for bringing out the natural curl of hair. Finally, the serum makes hair look as if it underwent typical keratin treatment that is offered in most professional hair salons.

TEXTURE [8/10]

Keratin Cure – Shine & Cure Serum Silicone Drops has consistency typical for light oils. The action of the oil varries accordingly to the hair type applied. To clarify, the product is easy to put on curly and unruly hair as it is absorbed almost immediately without weighting strands down. When it comes to naturally straight hair, the serum’s even less troublesome to be distributed. Unfortunately, the serum isn’t able to get absorbed as effectively as on curly hair. Additionally, straight hair might become flat once coated with the product.


Manner of application shouldn’t trigger any problems since the bottle features an atomiser. Therefore, all a consumer has to do is spray the hair with the product to complete the application. Although the cosmetic works best if applied during hair styling, it can be also applied on damp hair, right before blow drying.


Keratin Cure – Shine & Cure Serum Silicone Drops is rather hard to buy in pharmacies. The product is manufactured in America and the distribution across Europe is arranged due to shipping. With this mind, delivery costs have to be added to the total price of the cosmetic.

PRICE [6/10]

The price of Keratin Cure oil should be lower while taking into consideration its accessibility, action and unknown composition. It is worth pointing out that, other products of better action can be bought at lower price.