Kérastase Resistance – Serum Thérapiste, Dual Care Treatment

What’s the price? $44
What’s the capacity? 2×15 ml
Where can it be bought? online stores, professional beauty salons

About the product:


Hair serum Resistance Thérapiste is highly effective thanks to two unique technologies included into its composition: Fibra-Kap and Sève de Résurrection, which is an extract of rose of Jericho. Fibra-Kap is a combination of six amino acids (arginine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, proline, and tyrosine) mixed with wheat protein derivative and SP94. As mentioned before, despite this unique Fibra-Kap complex, the product stores extract of Maryam’s flower (another common name of rose of Jericho). The funny fact that concerns this plant is its ability to get reborn even after a few years of latency – suffice to give it access to water.

ACTION [10/10]

Dual phase hair serum Kérastase was developed to rebuild hair ends that are distressed by harmful hair styling procedures. Visibly split hair ends become regenerated and scaled again. It might seem to be impossible, but L’Oréal laboratories were the places where the secret of hair regeneration was uncovered. To illustrate, KAPs are small proteins (Keratin Associated Proteins) which bond keratin molecules. Additionally, serum provides protection form hot temperature produced by blow-dries, curling irons and flat irons. What is more, Serum Thérapiste is responsible for visible nourishment and reinforcement of hair. Finally, the product gifts hair with healthy shine and accelerates time devoted to blow-drying.

TEXTURE [10/10]

Innovation of Serum Thérapiste lies in its dual phase formula. The cosmetic is closed in a small bottle that is divided into two containers. One container stores liquid oil whereas the second dense cream. When combined, the product gains ideal consistency, which is easy to distribute over hair.


Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste is dosed thanks to a precise pump, which collects both phases in appropriate proportions. When mixed in hands, the serum can be applied in two ways. Firstly, it can be put on ends or mid-lengths of damp hair or, secondly, it can be used to dry hair only as a finish. The serum doesn’t have to be rinsed off.


Kérastase brand doesn’t run mail order selling since they believe that the product should be chosen by a specialist. This practice eliminates the problem of applying products that doesn’t answer needs of hair. Therefore, Serum Thérapiste can be bought at a hairdresser’s where professionals can diagnose hair of a client’s. Fortunately, Kérastase products can be also bought online (sold by professional beauty salons).

PRICE [6/10]

Double phase serum for damaged hair can be bough online at lower price than in official stores of Kérastase. The price seems to be adequate when compared with advanced formula and effectiveness Sérum Thérapiste offers.