Beginners guide – First steps with hair serum

Stronger, more complex and easier in use – hair serums. Encouraged with hundreds of positive opinions online, we decided to enrich our everyday hair care with an additional cosmetic. Serum has more intense properties, is lighter and offers more than conditioner or hair mask. However, there appears the key question. How to start hair care with serum?

#1 Prepare yourself for larger expense

Prices of hair serums are various, but the rule remains the same as to other products. The richer and safer composition and the better properties the higher price. Good serum should cost about several dozen pounds, but an investment in such product will pay off. For higher price you get more properties and better efficiency.

#2 Choose wisely

Do not decide only based on opinions about given serum, because everyone reacts differently on the same product. Though, hundreds of women will say that this product is great, remember that you can be the exception and it won’t work for you. Match serum with the type of your hair (moisturising for dry hair, regenerative for damaged hair, smoothing for difficult in stylisation hair). Avoid substances, which can cause allergies.

#3 Do not be afraid of testing

If you have problem with choice of right hair serum you can ask for help, e.g. your hair stylist or a specialist at the shop. If they won’t be able to help you, then try samples. Ask for few samples of products your interested in and start testing. The easiest will be to choose cosmetic, which co-operates with hair and doesn’t worsen hair condition (you may be unable to asses effects after just one sample).

#4 Treat serum as a treatment

It is not recommended to replace your current cosmetics with hair serum. For a start, serum should be treated as a complementation of conditioning, and treatment should be temporary. Chosen serum apply on hair for 3 weeks and after this time try to assess effects. If given serum worked then you can include it in your everyday conditioning.

#5 Do not expect miracles

Keep it at the back of your head that commercials do not tell you everything. There rather isn’t serum, which would work right away, because for this purpose you have conditioners. While waiting for results of hair serum you have to be patient. Treatment should bring visible change after few weeks, and effects will appear step by step.