How does silicon hair serum work?

Besides, hair masks, conditioners, silks and other hair care cosmetics, very good is hair serum. It has quite thick formula and is rich in many valuable nourishing ingredients. It protects hair against extreme temperatures, rubbing against clothes, split ends, frizzing and electrifying. It also protects streaks against mechanical and chemical damages, salty and chlorinated water, frequent hair treatments (dyeing, blow drying, permanent wave etc.). Additionally hair serum nourishes skin, moisturises, smoothers and makes them glossy and elastic.

What should effective hair serum contain?

In many cosmetics are present silicones, by some women considered dangerous and unnecessary substances. Is that right? It depends on, whether you will be applying serum on the entire length of hair or just ends. In first case, silicones should rinse easily, but in the second case – they may remain on hair a bit longer. What is more, silicones are necessary for hair to maintain right level of hydration, to smoother frizzed hair and restore natural gloss to matte streaks. Silicones create protective layer on hair, which prevent dryness, damages and brittleness. They also protect inner structures of hair against damages and harmful substances from external world.

How often and in what amount should the hair serum with silicon be applied?

Of course, it is an individual matter. Application method should be matched with scalp and hair type. It is recommended to use serum at least once a week, after hair wash. They will be most helpful after winter season, when hair are most liable to damages. Everyday hair care with serum is an option for girls with very damaged hair and split ends. Small amount of serum is enough for application – this product is very efficient. Precise dosage should be matched with volume, length and porosity of hair. You should be careful to not make scalp greasy and streaks weighted down.

How should you apply hair serum with silicon?

Cosmetic can be applied on dry or damp hair. Product applied right after hair wash will make combing easier and will protect hair against high temperature. Hair serum should be applied on the ear length down, and after oil treatment – on the ends only. If you worry about silicones weighting down your hair, you can wash hair with shampoo with SLS or more gentle SLES.